Recruitment Campaign

“Come and do something amazing………. Join our Care at Home team!”  We have recently launched an exciting campaign to raise awareness of our Company, of the amazing work our staff do and to encourage new people to join us.  Through the use of social media and online advertising we have been raising our profile in the communities in which we work.  We are keen to meet people who have previously worked in care but also to attract new people to the industry.  To do this we needed to reconnect with who we are and who we wish to be, to advocate for Care at Home as an industry and as a career pathway.  For us it has always been about care…….. nothing fancy ……. Just genuine, good, caring, high quality, friendly and honest care.  If like us you believe that people who access our service deserve the very best care and support we can possibly deliver then we would like to hear from you!  If you are reading this and are interested in discussing a career in care then please don’t hesitate to contact us, phone, website or email, any way is fine, our friendly team would love to share information about the rewarding role they do and answer any questions you have.

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